It's that time of month again

EneMan 200503
March 2005

Eneman 200203
March 2002

Yes, it's the first of the month again, and regular readers of Respectful Insolence know that that means it's the time for Orac to indulge one of his stranger obsessions, as originally explained here, here, and here. So, without further ado...EneMan for March!

(For those who do not find EneMan as strangely compelling and amusing as Orac does, feel free to skip this post and take comfort in the fact that Orac does not post these sorts of pictures more than once every month. For those of you who've found their way here from Grand Rounds, please check out other posts in Essential ORAC on the sidebar before you dismiss Orac as a flake. Or just dismiss Orac as a flake if you like. Orac is indeed rather strange. But he is also a pretty good blogger.)


  1. when i saw those pics, i almost blew milk back into my cereal bowl.



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