At least some conservatives don't drink creationist Kool Aid

I especially like the slogan in the picture of intelligent design advocates included with this broadside. The slogan:

I don't accept the fundamental tenets of science, and I vote.

Heh heh. That about sums up ID advocates.

ADDENDUM: Oops. I made a little mistake. The picture that Balloon Juice used came from an article in The Onion.

I should have guessed!


  1. Conservatism has hardly been hijacked. Liberals are just latching onto the idea that "religious extremists" have "taken over the country" as their excuse for why John Kerry wasn't elected.

    It's like, say Kerry got elected, and then all the right-wingers started bitching about how " and Project ANSWER were running the country now".

  2. I'm commenting here because I didn't want my reply to your comment to get lost....

    The reason I'm so critical of the Bridge and Tunnel crowd in NY is because I'm one of them. The tackiness and poor behavior of the people I grew up with and still live among is magnified by the fact that that's what I am, too.

    I grew up (and still reside) in Queens. I am criticizing my own.If you took my tone as one of snobbery or looking down upon them, you're mistaken.

  3. That picture and onion article are great. Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between a real article and satire, and they come pretty close.


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