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Hmmm. I hadn't expected this result when I took this test, although having SF/Fantasy come in so high is consistent. I would have expected it to come in first, though.

You scored as Mindfuck. Congratulations, you scored Mindfuck. You've probably seen a lot of movies, and have grown to hate mainstream shit. You're looking for the movie that will leave you breathless, and with 21 questions to think about. Check out: Donnie Darko, Being John Malkovich, Pulp Fiction, Memento.









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I do like mindfuck movies like Donnie Darko (great movie), Pulp Fiction, Brazil, Dark City (another cool one), and 12 Monkeys. However, I didn't much like Jacob's Ladder (too manipulative and predictable). I haven't seen Being John Malkovich or Memento. Perhaps I should rent them....


  1. Try Sin City if you haven't already. That movie is made, I believe, only for Mindfucks.

  2. Absolutely you should rent Memento. Being John's a bit of a mindfuck, but also just plain strange at times.

  3. Memento is awesome, Guy Pierce was a tour-de-force. Being John Malkovich requires being in the mood for something totally off-the-wall, and being prepared to see the humor in the situation.

    From reading here, I'd say you'd enjoy them both. But when do you ever have time to watch movies?

  4. Watched Donnie Darko again today because of you! Thanks, Orac.

  5. Yeah, Memento is pretty clever. It doesn't stand up to watching twice, and there are a couple of plot-holes you could drive a truckful of pedants through, but it's still pretty damn impressively done.

    Oh, and the new star wars movie ain't as bad as all that:)

  6. Actually, I saw the new Star Wars movie the other night. It was surprisingly good. Certainly it's better than the last two. (I realize that's not saying much.) But it comes pretty close to reaching the level of the original trilogy.

  7. I'd recommend Adaptation, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, & Eternal Sunshine... as well, but I'm a big Charle Kaufman whore.

  8. I was really cross when hubby brought home Being John Malkovitch as part of some special DVD deal. But it's definitely good fun, give it a whirl if you have the time.

    If you really want a great movie to watch, try get hold of Sean of the Dead. Great spoof horror, not sure if available outside UK though. My daughters gave it me for Xmas - they know I'm a sucker for a bad horror movie, this one is so awful that it's wonderful! :-)

  9. mindfucks you should watch:

    A Pure Formality, starring Roman Polanski and Gerard Depardieu. can get a little slow in the middle, since you have no idea what's really happening, but it's all tied together in the end.

    Schizopolis, a total bizzaro movie by Steven Soderberg.

    A little independent movie from last year called Primer. ultimately not really satisfying in a normal way, but it really forces you to think in a way few movies do.

  10. I hear nobody mention Nomads, I thought that was a terrific mindfuck movie


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