Takin' care of business

Over the Memorial Day weekend, I tried to do a little spring cleaning on my sidebar. I found some dead links and either removed them or fixed them. I also added a few new blogs and websites, and removed several others that I no longer regularly browsed, as well as a few blogs that hadn't been updated in a long time. The "Essential Orac" section was reorganized, with some posts added and a few others removed. Finally, some new Chicklets were added to the sidebar make subscribing feeds of Respectful Insolence in My Yahoo!, My MSN, and Newsgator easier. Overall, the sidebar should be somewhat shorter, more concise, and (hopefully) better organized.

Over the summer I'll continue fiddling with it until I get it to where I want it to be--at least until I finally decide whether to ditch Blogger for something else or not.


  1. Try the chicklet generetor.



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