More Star Wars geekiness

I can't resist, you know. I promise to try to restrain myself after this.

First off, I've become aware that, not only do Darth Vader and Yoda have blogs, but so does....Boba Fett! At least I found out how he escaped from the Sarlac. Chewbacca also has a blog, but it seems to be a one-joke affair, and it's not particularly amusing.

Lastly, I have to wonder how far some people will go to indulge their obsession with all things Star Wars to the point of inflicting it on their pets:


Hmmm. Our dog might actually look kind of cool as Darth Vader, don't you think? The costume is only $14.99, after all. Just look below. Our dog is black, for one thing, which goes well with the costume:

IMGP0014 IMGP0024

Nahhh. First off, she's just too mellow and sweet-natured to be Darth Vader (except, unfortunately, when it comes to random small critters like rabbits, chipmunks, or squirrels that find their way into our backyard, in which case she can be Death Incarnate). Second, even I'm not that geeky. Third, our dog would never tolerate it. Finally (and quite importantly), my wife would absolutely kill me.

OK, that's enough Star Wars stuff for a while. Every so often I have to let my geek flag fly. Thanks for indulging me...


  1. I'm pretty geeky myself, and I, too, think the pet costume is a bit extreme. Strangely, our dog sounds very similar to yours. Loves everybody, but thinks that any rodent found in the yard is a squeek toy (except squirrels; a little while back she discovered that squirrels are made of meat).


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