Well that's reassuring...

With the release of Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith today, I couldn't resist following the hordes of other bloggers who have already taken Liquid Generation's Ultimate Star Wars Personality Test.

Hmmm. I always thought Luke was a bit of a whiner (at least in the original Star Wars movie). On the other hand, he did turn out pretty decent in the end. On the other hand, it could have been worse. I could have come up Jar-Jar Binks...

Off to see Revenge of the Sith either this weekend or next weekend. Too bad I have to operate both today and tomorrow, otherwise, you might see me in this situation:



  1. Sheesh. You style yourself an intellectual, and yet you confuse "hoard" with "horde". Hacked in funicks werkt fer u!

  2. You do realize that spelling and grammar flames are usually considered to be quite lame, except when the mistakes are egregious and occur over many posts. However, to placate you, I have fixed the use of the incorrect homonym. Mea culpa. If that's the only thing you can find wrong with my posts, then I'm doing quite well indeed.

    As for "styling myself an intellectual," geez, wherever did you get that idea?


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