I think I've been in bathrooms like these before

Although I've never been in any of the restaurants described in this article, I have encountered similar situations regarding excessively trendy or confusing bathrooms. Picture this poor elderly man described in the article:
Of the many sad things I have witnessed in this city's restaurants, few had the particular pathos of a recent scene at the Modern, where an elderly man who had heard nature's call could not figure out how - or, more precisely, where - to heed it.

He had entered what he correctly surmised to be the restroom, only to find women mingling with men between a row of shared sinks and a series of mysterious doors, the hieroglyphics on which left him utterly clueless about whose commodes were whose.

"It's unisex," said a younger woman with him, referring to the general situation.

He glanced around, frozen in place.

"Unisex!" she said, raising her voice.

More glancing. Still frozen.

She sighed. "He's 85," she said. "He doesn't understand."
It takes a lot of effort to screw up a bathroom enough so that people have a hard time figuring out how to use it, but it appears that some trendy restaurants have managed to do it.


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