I like this bumper sticker

I may have to buy one. I won't put it on my car (I could never understand why people mess up their bumpers with all sorts of stickers); but I'm sure I can find a place in the lab to put it...



  1. Cute, but it's not accurate. Evolution goes with what works best, not what's more complicated.

  2. When you have one of many small red four door mitsubishi sedans a few unusual bumper stickers help distinguish your car from all the other ones before you find yourself wondering why the key doesn't work (and then noting the the interior is way too tidy to be yours anyway).

    About four years ago the local dealership got all the 99s to get rid before the 01s showed up. They had hundreds and they were all white, blue, or red.

  3. Oh, I know it's not 100% accurate (although in many cases it is). It's just amusing. I'm hoping that ID advocates don't respond with something like "Intelligent design advocates do it with irreducible complexity."

    Damn. I may have just given them an idea. Fortunately, I doubt any of them read this blog...


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