Rubinstein keeps digging, apparently

Via my Sitemeter logs, I've discovered a blogger named Jody, who has carried out an e-mail correspondence with Professor William D Rubinstein, the history professor who wrote a really badly argued article criticizing evolution, chock full of "intelligent design" creationism canards. He's the same Professor Rubinstein that I lambasted, resulting in an invitation to comment by a blogger named J. Bowen, who had written in essence, a defense of Professor Rubinstein and other evolution "skeptics," which was similarly full of intelligent design canards (although Mr. Bowen does deny being a creationist). Mr. Bowen feels I was unfair with him and that I had used a straw man when calling him a creationist. All I can say in reply is: If Mr. Bowen is truly "not a creationist," as he claims, then I hope that readers knowledgeable about ID fallacies will forgive me for my thinking he is, given that he used some classic ID apologist techniques to "debunk" evolution. If he's not a creationist, he certainly knows how to imitate one almost flawlessly.

But I digress. All I really wanted to say in this post was that Jody's account of his e-mail exchange with Rubinstein gave me a chuckle, and I think it will give you one too.


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