Forgot about this one yesterday

Reported in the New York Times, eighty years ago today.
John T. Scopes, young Dayton (Tenn.) high school teacher, tonight stands indicted for having taught the theory of evolution to students attending his science classes in violation of a law passed by the Tennessee Legislature and signed by the Governor on March 21, 1925.
The indictment was issued on May 25, 1925. (Via RPM at Evolgen.) Note that the Scopes Monkey Trial did not begin until July 10. Expect the science blogosphere to erupt around the time the 80th anniversary of the trial this summer. Certainly, I plan on commenting on it.

You'd think that eighty years later this wouldn't still be an issue, but you'd be wrong, unfortunately. Look around at how Kansas or Georgia debate the teaching of evolution, and you'd hardly know that eighty years have passed.


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