Grand Rounds XXXIV

Grand Rounds XXXIV has been posted at Galen's Log. Once again, it's time to check out the best the medical blogosphere has had to offer over the last week. One of these days, Nick should try to arrange so that we can get CME credit from it.

However, I'm not sure why Galen thought I might be trying to jab anybody in the eyesocket with anything, much less a polio vaccine. I'm a nice guy. Really, I am...


  1. Purely by accident, I assure you.


  2. I don't know, Orac, maybe it'd be one way to make the anti vaccine crowd 'see' that vaccines can't hurt?

    ok, so that plan would backfire a bit ...

  3. Hmmm... CME for Grand Rounds? Intriguing (assuming you're not kidding). I've always throught Grand Rounds' mainstream orientation would preclude it from being a real resource for physician education.

    You or I should post this to the Google discussion board, let's see what the other hosts think.


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