Oh my...

It's stupid stuff like this that gives me migraines:


It boggles the mind. Repeat after me, people: "Evolution is not incompatible with Christianity." Fortunately, the way I learned of this was through Right Thoughts, yet more evidence that not all conservatives buy into the rejection of science that all too many fundamentalists and "intelligent design" creationism apologists are pushing. Unfortunately, it is the fundamentalists who have taken over the Republican Party, and it doesn't look as though they're going to be ousted any time soon. Their anti-science viewpoint is one of the reasons I no longer identify myself as a Republican.


  1. I love that there's no reasoned argument present. Apparently science is just like drugs. "Don't ask questions, just say 'no'".

  2. Heh. Science is like drugs in one way: You can become addicted to the thrill of discovery! And that's a good addiction.

  3. "I--I was going to a prayer meeting, when I--I accidentally looked at The Origin of the Species, and--and IT MADE SENSE! It took five weeks of scripture readings, as well as a vigorous trepanation to get me thinking straight again. Remember kids, say no to evolution, and yes to Gaaaaaahhhhh...."

    "Thank you, Brother Anthony. Remember, it is the evils of secularists that is forcing us to drive metal spikes into our heads to get the demons out. Out! OUT!"

  4. I'm a Bible thumpin, conservative minister in the Methodist Church. I have no problem with evolution. Those who use the Bible to disprove evolution obviously do not understand how to read and interpret scripture. The Bible is not a book about the "how" of creation, but of the "who" of creation. Leave the "how" to the scientists and the "who" to the Bible.

  5. Is Christianity compatible with ragionality, though?

  6. Is it anything like Rage Against the Machine?


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