It never ends

After all this autism/mercury/chelation blogging, what do I hear on the radio five minutes ago as I was typing away on grant reports in my office? Paul Harvey giving a credulous glowing report from parents who claim that chelation therapy "cures" autism!


Sorry. I had to take two minutes to vent. Back to work...

(You know, it occurs to me that I probably just revealed what an old fart I'm becoming that I regularly listen to a radio station that broadcasts Paul Harvey's reports...)


  1. I thought of you yesterday when I flipped on the TV. An infomercial happened to be on, and it opened with, "While doctors can treat many diseases, they have no place in the treatment of degenerative disorders like MS and Alzheimer's...." It turned out to be an infomercial for various supplements designed to "prevent degenerative disorders."


  2. "Arrrrrggghhhhh!" - Funny, that's exactly what I was thinking.


  3. Does that mean you listen to Paul Harvey too?

  4. I don't think any of our local stations broadcast Paul Harvey any more, not that I've gone looking or anything. I'm sorry to hear he's sold out to the dark side.

    At least it's not an hour long infomercial. We get those at the end of the weekend night shift when nobody has a hand free to change the station on the radio.

    After a while you don't hear them any more -- and that's a little scary. I realized that one morning when the mom of one of my babies asked something about whatever was on the radio that particular morning -- not the prostate infomercial, but I couldn't tell you which one.

  5. I don't listen to Paul Harvey regularly, but it reminded me of the nut on the local AM station who spouts anti-vaccination nonsense - with the help of "expert" guests, of course.


    (Don't worry about old-fartyness - I'm in my 20s and I listen to this kind of stuff.)

  6. here in the "great state of Texas" Paul Harvey is on a good number of stations that aren't so old fart. Of course the two I can think of in my own city that play any sort of pop/oldies music are "Clear Channel" outlets where Paul Harvey is the run-up to the noon "Fox News"
    You get punished here if you want anything but country---oops! my colleague just said he's also on drive-time country music stations too.


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