100,000 hits!

Sometime yesterday afternoon, much to my amazement, Respectful Insolence passed the 100,000 hit mark. It happened about five times faster than in even my wildest dreams when I first started. Even cooler, the 100,000th visitor came from a Polish domain (tpnet.pl) and was doing a Google search on the terms "Severus Snape spoiler warning." So I guess you could say that Harry Potter led the 100,000th visitor to me.

I think that's worth a day of rest from substantive blogging for Orac, don't you, particularly with the Skeptics' Circle coming up? Thanks to all the readers who, for reasons I still can't figure out, seem to like what I'm laying down. And thanks to those who really don't like what I'm laying down but for some reason still show up, even if it's just to complain.

In the meantime, check out these three blogs I've been meaning to plug for a while now. First, there's Immunoblogging (from way down in New Zealand). Lots of good stuff in the skeptical mode, taking on "intelligent design" creationism and other threats to science with aplomb. Second, there's Photon in the Darkness, the blog of frequent Respectful Insolence commenter Prometheus. It deals mostly with mercury quackery. And finally there's Rockstar's Ramblings (more skepticism).

Finally, here are a few others that I've become a regular reader of in the last two or three months, all of which will be on my blogroll soon, if they are not already:

Red State Rabble (from whom I'd like to steal some of his anti-creationism "ads")
Autism Diva
Left Brain, Right Brain
Truth in Cosmetic Surgery Blog

I'll be back Monday, if the Skeptics' Circle doesn't get in the way. How fast can I get to 1,000,000? Well, at the current rate, I estimate it will take somewhere between 3-5 years. Geez, can I keep this up that long?


  1. Sitemeter counts visits, not hits: A hit is any request to the server, while a visit is when a person goes to your site and requests a page. Vists from the same computer within 30 minutes are not counted.

    In fact, Sitemeter undercounts visits (by 5% in some cases and as much as 40% in others). So you have far more than 100,000 hits, and probably a bit more than 100,000 visitors

  2. Congratulations, Orac!

    You have a superior blog, a nice combination of science, medicine, logic and humor.

    Last time Autism Diva looked you were a Large Mammal in an ecosystem, too. That's good isn't it?

    Autism Diva thinks it was the "4 tiara award" that pushed you farther into the forefront of blogdom. :-)

    The world map of links is VERY impressive.

    Question for anyone: The Diva blog sitemeter shows many visits as being for zero seconds, and shows some as being for a few minutes, and some for as much as a half hour (which is nice if they are really reading that whole time).

    Is there an explanation for the 0.0 seconds long visits?


  3. Congratulations! That is a great accomplishment :)

  4. I don't have an explanation for the visits of zero seconds. I get a fair number of them, too.

  5. Congrats Orac! 100,000, that's a pretty large group of people checking out what you have to say!! I'm impressed.

    Well done, JO

  6. Wow man, that's huge! And I'm honored by the plug, thank you!


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