Tanged Bank XXXIII

Tangled Bank XXXIII has been posted at Evolgen. It's time once again for your biweekly dose of the best science blogging out there. (OK, there is one exception to that description, a piece that drinks deeply--excuse the term--of antifluoridation conspiracy-mongering, something that RPM points out with an appropriately sarcastic General Ripper/Colonel Mandrake allusion. May I suggest that, after reading that article, you go and read this amusing piece by Nurse Kelly on antifluoridation conspiracy-mongering, to cleanse the palate? Or just read Nurse Kelly's article instead of that one?)

Now, go forth and be educated and entertained (after finishing up here, of course). While you're there, you could check out his interesting post about genetic diversity in the yeast used in winemaking. Evolgen is on the list of blogs I follow in my newsreader for a reason.

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