Unscrewing the Inscrutable

I've been quite remiss.

I forgot to mention that a few days ago, one of my favorite blogs, Unscrewing the Inscrutable, was relaunched as a spiffy new SCOOP blog. I have no idea what a SCOOP blog is (compared to a regular old blog), but apparently it lets the skeptics and freethinkers who generally frequent UTI have a forum and diaries à la Daily Kos. Maybe I'll have to try to make a diary of my own someday, after I finish up the Skeptics' Circle. In the meantime I'll send them the dozen or so referrals that are likely from my humble blog...


  1. Am I the only one who sees "urinary tract infection" everytime she sees "UTI"?

    Maybe that's been discussed before, but it sure looks strange to me.



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