Congratulations to a fellow surgeon-blogger

Dr. Bard-Parker at A Chance to Cut is a Chance to Cure celebrated the completion of his second year of blogging yesterday, and so it's time for me to send a hearty "Congratulations!" his way. When I first dipped my foot into the blogosphere, it wasn't long before I discovered Dr. Bard-Parker there, blazing a trail for surgeon-bloggers to follow after him with his fine writing. If you haven't checked out his recurring series, Tales from the Trauma Service, please do so now. It goes to show just what a unique contribution a surgeon-blogger can make. (It also reminds me why I got out of taking trauma call six years ago.)

Dr. Bard-Parker also makes this observation:
Despite the great pleasure I derive from this endeavor there have been times that I have considered hanging it up. It is conventional wisdom that if you keep blogging for a year then the chances of it sticking around are higher. But I have found this past year to be more of a struggle some times. But just when I'm ready to quit, I find something that catches my eye.
Even though I'm only a little more than halfway through my first year of blogging, I have to heed his observation. I, too, derive great pleasure from my little blogging hobby. In contrast, however, so far my problem has been that, most of the time at least, there are more things that I've wanted to comment about than I have time to write about well (or even just adequately). It's been pretty rare that I've sat down to face my computer and had nothing to write about, and in fact I have a long list of potential topics to blog about saved for when I'm short on ideas. One thing blogging has done for me is to make me more of an observationalist. Whenever I see something interesting or have an experience that teaches me something, I jot down a note an d add it to my list of future blog topics. However, the experience of an elder statesman (as far as surgeon-bloggers go) makes me wonder if this will always be the case. Will there come a time when I have trouble finding topics to comment about (or time to comment about them) or a time when I start feeling as though I've repeated myself one too many times on various topics.

Time will tell. I also sincerely hope that Dr. Bard-Parker resists the urge to hang up his blogging keyboard.

In the meantime, to all my fellow Americans, have a great 4th of July weekend. Given that my wife is out of town visiting family and friends, I'll probably have a lot of lonely free time to use to get some grunt work done for my job (monthly report, yearly report, preparation for my yearly evaluation, and some of the paperwork necessary for me to go up for promotion to Associate Professor this year), some serious yardwork, and to fill up next week's blogging bill. (And, no, I'm not going to tell you now what the topics will be; you'll just have to check back every day to find out.) I'll also be using some of that time to try to plow through at least a few of the 11 episodes of the new Doctor Who that my mother has kindly sent to me, after having been so generous as to tape them for me. (Living in Detroit, she has the advantage of being able to receive CBC from Windsor. Of course, she's a fan too; so she didn't mind taping all those episodes.)


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