Live 8 blogging

St. Nate has some cool Live 8 blogging going on, complete with quite a few pictures of the Philadelphia show. (Dr. Charles did the same thing pre-show, but hasn't yet posted any show pictures.) It makes me wonder if maybe I made a mistake in not hopping a train to Philly to check out the festivities. I also didn't know that the Kaiser Chiefs were there. They're definitely an up-and-coming band to watch. And, of course, one of the elder statesmen of R&B, Stevie Wonder, was there. On the other hand, I had no particular desire to see the Black-Eyed Peas or Bon Jovi. The best acts (U2, the reunited Pink Floyd) seemed to be reserved for London.

St. Nate also wonders if it all made any difference:
The cynic in me wants to say it was nothing more than just a show, but another part of me wants to believe that maybe this will make a change, that the universal language will have a long-reaching effect that transcends the debates of the G-8.
I don't know the answer to that one, but the ten concerts certainly were perhaps the biggest spectacle in the history of modern music.


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