One week until the Skeptics' Circle

Some people say that thirteen is an unlucky number. Skeptics, however, realize that's a load of superstitious hooey. Next week, I'm hosting the 13th Meeting of the Skeptics' Circle, and I'm looking for entries. As usual, I want to try to make this the best Skeptics' Circle yet (which is why blogging will probably be light until after it's over and posted), but I need your help.

I have a handful of good entries so far, but I realize from my past experience in hosting blog carnivals that many people don't think about submitting their work until the weekend before and the last couple of days before the deadline. (Yes, I've been guilty of that myself on occasion.) So, please, lay your best skeptical blogging on me at before 9 PM EDST Wednesday, July 20. The Skeptics' Circle will appear the following morning, Thursday, July 21. Guidelines for what sorts of posts I'm looking for are here.

One last note. I'm looking for posts that showcase bloggers' own writing. The posts submitted don't have to be long (like Orac's occasionally tedious screeds, for instance). Brevity and succinctness are to be admired. However, Instapundit-style "link-and-comment" posts are acceptable only if the blogger has used the link as a springboard to provide more commentary than just a sentence or two that doesn't really add anything to the link being commented on. That shouldn't be too hard, as I've seen lots of posts by skeptical bloggers (and I think you know who you are) that (I hope) will be submitted. If they're not and I don't have enough posts by Tuesday or Wednesday, I'll have no choice but to hunt them down, and you wouldn't want me to have to do that, would you?

So send 'em my way instead! And, as always, I highly encourage submissions by bloggers who have yet to be featured in a Skeptics' Circle.

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