The Skeptics Circle XII

The 12th Edition of the Skeptics' Circle has been posted at the UTI Annex.

Yep, pardners, this week's session looked to be in a heap o' trouble when Brent's server went down hard and stayed down. But fortunately the Annex was near the Skeptics' Circle Saloon, where the meeting went off without a hitch:
This was shapin' up to be a rip-roarin' Circle. St. Nate opened the roll away window in the poker room and Circle members crowded close while he refilled their glasses and passed out bottles.
Yep, it sure was. My head is still poundin' a-somethin' fierce.

But it's not pounding so much that I won't be ready, two weeks hence, to take my second turn at hosting the Skeptics' Circle, after having been honored to have the chance to host the Second Edition way back in February. It's not too early to start sending me your best skeptical blogging at I'll post more reminders as the date approaches. I'll also acknowledge all submissions; so if you don't hear from me in a day or two after sending me your entry, please send it again.

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