If this blog ever goes quiet for longer than a few days...

...one of these reasons might be the explanation (particularly #1 and #3).

Welcome back, Nick. I hope you manage to find time to update Blogborygmi more often.

Speaking of blogs going silent, given that I'm taking the weekend off, may I suggest to those new to the phenomenon that is Orac that they check out the "Essential Orac" on the sidebar? You won't regret it.

If that's not enough, check out Jason Rosenhouse's report on the 2005 Mega Creation Conference (plus part 2). It just goes to show that, "intelligent design" be damned, young earth creationism is unfortunately still alive and kicking. In a way, though, it's refreshing, because at least young earth creationists aren't disguising the true nature of their beliefs, the way "intelligent design" creationists do.

If that's still not enough, thanks to an e-mail from St. Nate, I've discovered a surprisingly good podcast called Skepticality. (I say "surprisingly" because most podcasts I've listened to from sources other than professional radio personalities have been frightfully amateurish.) It's listed in iTunes; so if you have iTunes 4.9 you can just subscribe to it from a link on the website. There's lots of good stuff there. I checked out a couple of their shows today in my office while doing some particularly dull number crunching from one of our experiments. One of the shows featured an interview with Michael Shermer, another an interview with James Randi. I see there's also an interview with fellow blogger Phil Plait there, but I haven' t had a chance to listen to it yet.

One thing that was quite amusing was a parody of those Bud Light "We Salute You" commercials: "We Salute You, Mr. Internet Politics Debater." ("No matter if you're a Republican, a Democrat, a Libertarian, or a wishy-washy fence-siiter, you make sure that your opponent looks like a fascist Nazi KKK hatemonger or a bleeding-heart, dope-smoking hippie socialist to your buddies.")

And if that still isn't enough, be sure to head on over to St. Nate's on Sunday to check out his turn at hosting the Carnival of the Godless. I still can't believe he's leaving the blogosphere. It's definitely a loss.

Never let it be said that I leave my readers hanging when I disappear from the blogosphere for a couple of days. (OK, maybe you'll be able to say it in August when I go on vacation, necessitating my longest blog break since I started, but other than that you can't say it.)

Until Monday, then...


  1. On iTunes Podcasting also check out the Infidel Guy interviews. There are some nifty shows under Science generally too.

  2. Thanks, Orac.

    And congratulations on helming the Skeptic's Circle. Looks like you're doing a stellar job, and I'd be interested in comparing notes some time.


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