Fun time-waster for geometry geeks

I have to recognize this geometry puzzle (1) because it's addictive and (2) because its creator comes from one of my alma maters, Case Western Reserve University. Yes, the puzzle is still a bit buggy (occasionally generating puzzles with no solution), but John promises to fix the bugs!


  1. Ha! I got my BS/MS (computer engineering) at CWRU. Small world.

  2. Help me. Save for sleeptime, I've been playing this game nearly non-stop since yesterday. (Currently giving my mousing hand--and hopefully the tempermental Flash that keeps trying to eat my game and make me start over once I get above 10 or so--a break before embarking on level 13). Sooooooo addictive.

    I discovered it yesterday, so I can't blame you. But you're about to ruin the lives of many innocent readers, you know. People, take it from an addict who's about to hit rock bottom. Don't play that first round. Just don't. I dreamt about this game. Spider Solitaire is just the gateway game for the crack that is Planarity.

    Oh, the patterns. The never-ending patterns.

    Make it stop.

  3. I discovered this at Crooked Timber. Aaahh!


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