Disaster strikes the Skeptics' Circle

Via Pharyngula, I discovered earlier this evening that that lovable atheist duo, Brent and DarkSyde, are experiencing some rather serious technical difficulties, which have left their excellent blog Unscrewing the Inscrutable offline since Friday. Unfortunately, they've been offline for four days now. That's an eternity in blog time to be offline. Fortunately, they can still post temporarily from their alternate site, the UTI Annex. But, then, unfortunately, not that many people know about their alternate site. I certainly didn't.

In any case, even more unfortunately, Unscrewing the Inscrutable was scheduled to host this week's Skeptics' Circle. Brent's still going to host, but if he's still offline on Thursday he may have to post it to the UTI Annex. Another problem is that he doesn't have very many submissions yet, and the utter disaster that has befallen his blog has prevented him from issuing a call the weekend before the carnival, which in my experience is when a host gets most of his submissions.

So help Brent out. You still have until Wednesday night to send examples of your best skeptical blogging to brent.rasmussen@gmail.com. The guidelines are here.


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