Entrance into the hall of science

Via the Sarkar Lab Weblog:


  1. darn. i guess mud to man evolution is out of the realm of science...since no one has observed or tested it!

    dont you hate it when you try to attack ID and anyone who questions darwinism, yet you end up trashing darwinism itself?

    how would you test that a process is unguided (as NS must be with darwinism or even neo-darwinism?) can you observe "guidance" or the lack of it? can you test it? no and no.

  2. Geez, at least learn the difference between abiogenesis and evolution before commenting here. You only make yourself look foolish spouting creationist canards and sounding as ignorant as Kent Hovind with that "mud to man" stuff. It's not worth my time to bother with such comments in a serious fashion.


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