Overlooked again....

Via Kevin, M.D., I found this Wall Street Journal article on medical blogs (alternate link here). A bunch of old stalwarts are featured, including (among others) DB's Medical Rants, Kevin, M.D. (of course!), Medpundit, Rangel, MD, A Chance to Cut is a Chance to Cure (a fellow surgeon!), The Cheerful Oncologist, GruntDoc and the creator of Grand Rounds, Blogborygmi (although the article apparently mistakenly credits Sneezingpo.com with Grand Rounds).

Congratulations, all. You deserve it.

But, alas, no Respectful Insolence yet. What's a guy gotta do to break into the hallowed company of those who were mentioned? After all, I don't know of any other academic surgeon with a blog, much less one that averages just shy of 1,000 visits a day. Heck, as I approach my first anniversary, I'm reaching blog middle age.

Heck, it makes me wonder: Could EneMan have chased Laura Landro (the reporter who wrote the story) away? Or maybe it was the Hitler Zombie.

Nahhhhh. Couldn't be.

Ah, well. It keeps me hungry. No complacency here.


  1. Maybe if you blogged a little more medicine specifically, you'd get categorized as a medblog. Considering your ratio of medicine:science:politics (since I've been reading, at least), I'd put you more in PZ's category than Bard-Parker's. Not that there's anything wrong with that, of course; that's just how I see it.

    I think EneMan could only have an attractive effect on the media. He's universally adored. ;)


  2. I agree with Ali...I checked out those other blogs and they are more medical specific.

  3. Don't worry about being categorized. I like you....whatever you are. EneMan and stories of surgeons talking to patients on the phone while poopin' in the public bathroom are why I come back.

    I just made myself sound really creepy there.

  4. It's weird, Orac. I remember blogging a lot last year, yet still being overlooked when these news stories came out. I think the reporters find one blog, ask them to cite others, and the same dozen or so blogs keep being mentioned. Now I'm writing far less on my original blog (much more on medgadget) yet it's blogborygmi that keeps getting cited.

    If you look at the WSJ story, there's not one blog listed that's under a year old (except for Sneezing Po).

    Orac, you're prolific and thoughtful and do an excellent job, just keep at it and you'll get the recognition you deserve.

  5. I'm not really that worried. I was just in the mood for a little self-pity when I posted that. I'm better now...


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