The (other) Sox are champions

As hard as it is to believe, after 88 years, the White Sox are champions again! Too bad I'm not still in Chicago; the city must be going nuts.

What's next? Fire and brimstone coming down from the skies? Rivers and seas boiling? Forty years of darkness? Earthquakes, volcanoes? The dead rising from the grave? Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together - mass hysteria?

No, those things would only happen if the Cubs ever win.

I keep saying it: 2008. That's the Cubs' year. They have to suffer at least a century of futility. With only three years to go, why not go for it?

In the meantime, next year is reserved for the Indians. After all, they did give the Sox a scare during the last couple of months of the season, cutting their lead in the AL Central from 15 games to 1½ games.


  1. I think we should blame global warming.

  2. What I'm waiting for is for Washington to win. The last time a Washington baseball team won anything was 1924 with Walter Johnson on the mound. They moved in 1960 and a new Senators team was formed. They never won a world series in their years in DC and moved to Texas, where they still haven't won the series. Last year my beloved Montreal Expos gave up he ghost and moved to Washington to become the Nationals. They haven't won anything since they were founded in 1969 and their best season ever was destroyed by a strike. It seems to me that Washington is about due. Save the Cubs for 2009

  3. Plenty of fireworks going off in my neighborhood last night (I live about a mile away from Sox park). There's an official parade tomorrow. We've finally got the scandal behind us (unlike certain people associated with the son of two prominently displayed Astros fans).

    I suppose, though, that yesterday must have been a bad day for superstitious epidemiologists; look what happened the year after the last time the Sox won.


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