Here's a creepy Halloween story

In Delaware, I find a suitably macabre story for this Halloween season. An unfortunate 42-year-old woman committed suicide by hanging from a tree in full view of a moderately busy road. However, because of the upcoming holiday, no one paid any attention for at least three hours, because they thought her body was a Halloween decoration:
The 42-year-old woman used rope to hang herself across the street from some homes on a moderately busy road late Tuesday or early Wednesday, state police said.

The body, suspended about 15 feet above the ground, could be easily seen from passing vehicles.

State police spokesman Cpl. Jeff Oldham and neighbors said people noticed the body at breakfast time Wednesday but dismissed it as a holiday prank. Authorities were called to the scene more than three hours later.

"They thought it was a Halloween decoration," Fay Glanden, wife of Mayor William Glanden, told The (Wilmington) News Journal.

Egads, they must have some incredibly realistic-looking Halloween decorations in Frederica for such a mistake to make any sense. At least they figured it out before the corpse started to stink...

Hat tip to my sister for this one. (Yes, you can blame it on her...)


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