Serious or parody?

Given the bit of doubt expressed by me and some commenters yesterday over whether the article that I was discussing was serious or a parody, I thought I'd throw out an entire blog for your consideration:

Conservatives for American Values

Consider these articles about science:

Science Is A Sham Week, Part I: The Introduction
Science Is A Sham Week, Part II: Intelligent Design
Science Is A Sham Week, Part III: Intelligent Designer
Science Is A Sham Week, Part IV: The Battle Rages
Science Is A Sham Week, Part V: The Conclusion

Serious or parody?

Maybe this will decide for sure. Or this.

OK, I know it's fairly obvious which is the correct answer to my question, but the sad thing is that it isn't always entirely obvious right away.


  1. At the bottom of the blog there was a link called "legal notice". Worth checking out when a homepage or a blog seems a bit odd.

    Pun the librarian

  2. Ha, that's funny stuff. Even better are the comments.


  3. Thanks for the links to my blog, although I would bet by now you've discovered the answer to your question.

    This is a very good blog and you seem to be able to tackle the ID issue with a bit more scientific heft.

  4. It is on par with Which riminds me I haven't checked in with Pastor Deacon Fred in some time. The e-mails are great

  5. You and Steele only THINK it's a parody.


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