Taking the Republican Loyalty Quiz, I find:
Your score is 5 on a scale of 1 to 10. You are a moderate. You agree with Republicans on some issues and Democrats on others, while rejecting the blind, naked partisanship of both sides. You base your vote on issues rather than ideology and principle rather than party, which makes you the quintessential swing voter the media loves to fawn over.

Actually, I tend to lean a little more conservative than that, but let's see what the Democratic Loyalty Quiz says:
Your score is 6 on a scale of 1 to 10. You are a moderate Democrat. You agree with Democrats more often than not, but have misgivings about some of their positions on key social issues, as well as their ability to defend the country. You remain supportive for now, but if Democrats keep moving to the left and taking their cues from people like Michael Moore, you may decide to jump off that crazy train.

Uh-oh. My RINO membership could be in jeopardy...


  1. My scores were 8 for Republican and 1 for Democrat.

    Go figure.


  2. Come into the light Orac, you're almost there. You know that anti-vax wackos span the political spectrum. Google "HPV vaccine", if you don't believe me. We're the party that still honors the enlightenment. We're the big tent; we still have liberals, moderates, and conservatives. Our senate leader, the crafty Harry Reid, is even pro-fetus. Ex-Republican Arianna and her cast of B-list celebrities are no more representative of the best of our bloggers than the Free Republic is of the other side. Read the passionate and rigourous logic of Digby, instead (stop in at the comments and say "Hi" to ex-m.h.a denizen Davis X. Machina) Michael Moore and Bill Maher are Greens, for pete's sake. They don't represent the party any more than Brittany Spears and Ron Silver represent the G.O.P. At least Bill Maher is funny. Can you say the same for Dennis Miller?

  3. 5 for 'Pub, 7 for Dem. Funny, I've always thought myself more conservative than liberal...

  4. 3 for republican, 5 democrat.

    Wish both numbers were lower.

    (insert boilerplate against both parties here)



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