Skepticism is a dish best served cold--like vengeance

Great news. Kelly is going to host this week's Skeptics' Circle after all. She has Time to Lean up and running again, albeit still missing many posts (kind of like the Enterprise running only on impulse power). It turns out her soon-to-be ex deleted her blog and messed with her e-mail accounts. I did not reveal this last night for privacy reasons, but now that she's mentioned it on her own blog I no longer feel constrained from openly wondering what kind of a petty little lame-ass would do something like that.

Fortunately, Kelly's a trooper and plans on continuing. Unfortunately, if you sent her an entry last night, she may not have gotten it. I've forwarded everything sent to me on to Kelly, but that doesn't necessarily mean she got it. So, if you sent in your submission last night or this morning, you might want to consider sending it again. Help her get back up to warp speed again.


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