The Nineteenth Meeting of the Skeptics' Circle

The Nineteenth Meeting of the Skeptics' Circle has been called to order at Time to Lean. Let's give Kelly a hand for overcoming great adversity to put together another fine collection of skeptical blogging, hosted by, well, I'll let Kelly tell the tale:

Hear ye, hear ye! Welcome, all you bums and rabblerowsers to the 19th Skeptic's Circle, hosted by me, carny and reformed convict, Bill "Leatherface" Jones, which features many skeptical acts all over the midway!

Says Leatherface, haggard, complete with the stench of vodka, "There was some grift over at Time to Lean, but I got something up my sleeve for those hooligans who did the crime: Cold, mean skepticism served with a wrinkled face and a furrowed brow. Step right up if you dare to compete, you townies! What are you...chicken?"

Kelly's right. Skepticism really is a dish best served up cold.

Before I rush off to the O.R., let me just mention that next up for the Twentieth Meeting of the Skeptics' Circle is The Uncredible Hallq. He'll be here in a fortnight with another collection of the best skepticism the blogosphere has to offer.

The schedule of past and future Meetings of the Skeptics' Circle is here. If you think you have what it takes to host, drop me a line at


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