Give the gift of microbes!

Sorry, but I didn't have time to write anything that substantive last night (no smart-ass comments about whether anything I ever write qualifies as "substantive"). Maybe Friday. There's something Halloween-related that I've been meaning to write about, and time's running out. In the meantime, I did find something rather amusing.

It's way too early to be thinking of Christmas. Heck, it's not even Halloween yet. Nonetheless, I may have found the perfect gift for that tough-to-buy-for person.

GIANT microbes! Says the company:

We make stuffed animals that look like tiny microbes - only a million times actual size!

Indeed they do, and they're pretty cool. All the nasty suspects are here.

Syphilis? Check. Rhinovirus (the common cold)? Check. Plague? Check. Epstein-Barr virus? Check. E. coli? Check. (Hmmm. E. coli looks a bit like the Flying Spaghetti Monster.)

I almost think I might want one...


  1. Does the top right one remind anyone else of His Noodly Appendage?

  2. Oooh, I got my brother the common cold one last Christmas, and my friend the Bubonic Plauge one for her birthday. Went down very well. They're about the size to fit in the palm of your hand: personally I'd prefer really huge ones to cuddle, but that's just me :)

  3. My best friend gave me an ulcer for my birthday last year. :) I love it!

  4. Thanks... now my kids want *all* of them. (The plushies, not the diseases.) :-D

  5. just finished all my christmas shopping. Thanks!

  6. Oooh! I want an Epstein-Barr to go with my chronic EB. Do you suppose it comes with the fatigue and swollen glands too?

  7. The flesh-eating bacteria doll has a fork and a knife with it.

    That rules.

  8. Yes, I had noticed that and thought it was hysterically funny.

  9. I love how the pimple one has a pimple, and the HIV and Hepatitis ones have awareness ribbons. But they're all fantastic.


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