Skeptics' Circle emergency announcement

This week's host of the Skeptics' Circle, Kelly, has informed me that she is having serious technical difficulties with her blog, Time to Lean, which is presently inaccessible and may have even been deleted. More details will be forthcoming as I learn them, and there may come a need to change the venue of the Circle this week.

In the meantime, in the 45 hours or so remaining before the deadline, if you have not done so already, please send your entries to Kelly at or to me at


  1. She appears to be coming back up.

  2. I'm cutting and pasting my posts back on there from the Google Cache...I'm still hosting!

    I had a little 'blog terrorism' come my way from an ex! GRRRRR

  3. Glad to ehar that you're getting your site rebuild Kelly - sad that it happened. I feel sorry for you, that an ex is so revengeful. Guess there is a reason why he is an ex.


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