How to debate "intelligent design" creationism advocates

Cog instructs us in the proper way to debate "intelligent design" creationism advocates.

I tell you, this guy's got a mean streak a mile wide. He's even nastier than I am...

But he's also quite amusing.


  1. And how to use ID arguments should you ever be accused of murder..

    If the creationists are consistent, they should be campaigning for the release of, at least, every prisoner for whom no eyewitnesses exist, since apparently only eyewitness testimony (despite being known to be suspect) counts as evidence.

  2. Thanks for the pointer. It's rare to have a laugh-out-loud moment on the web.

  3. Funny? Trenchant, perhaps, but, and I'm entirely prepared to be called a humorless pedant (not the first time), I'm more disturbed than amused.

  4. I think you're getting disturbed over very little. In this case, it is quite clear that the intent is humor. With some of the right-wingers who use violent imagery, it is not entirely clear that they are joking. In fact, one is more likely to wonder whether they are serious, as they sound more serious than joking.


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